Miss Liz Heart: About Me

About Me

My name is Liz and I would like to say welcome! This is my outlet for all things Beauty and Home Decor related. I will also be sharing with all of you some of my everyday life events, hauls, and reviews. 

love all things beauty related
Ever since I can remember I have been into fashion, hair & makeup. Why I decided to study Marketing instead of something Cosmetology/Fashion related is beyond me. Nonetheless I feel like it is time to unleash that passion and what better way than sharing with all of you!! 

love all things pretty 
I am constantly looking for new ways to re-arrange our furniture (at least the rooms that have furniture since we have only been in this house for a year). 

 I am inspired by many things; books, places I travel, photos, food, etc. And I hope to inspire you guys through my posts.


  1. I am in LOVE with your blog ,your pictures are gorgeous and you have an excellent taste on interior decor ...Good Job!!

  2. Your photography is awesome and I am absolutely in love with your Instagram!

  3. love love love your blog! have been following your ig and am love with your home decor!


  4. love your blog its so beautiful but most of all its so girlie .......so may women forget to be girlie princess.

  5. love that your so girlie love your office pinkie and white

  6. Everything is very girly and sweet. I like you already .
    Greetings from Myanmar !!!
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  7. Liz, I absolutely live for your videos. They are so inspirational. Whenever I have a stressful day, I watch one.The settings are cheerful yet relaxing. Keep them coming!