Miss Liz Heart: NEW Colourpop Ultra Satin Lipsticks Swatches & Try On Video

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

NEW Colourpop Ultra Satin Lipsticks Swatches & Try On Video

Hi loves! You may have heard the buzz circulating the new collection Colourpop will be releasing Feb 25th. These are a completely different formula from their sister the Ultra Matte Lip.  They are packed with just as much pigment minus the dryness.

So far there are a total of 16 shades and I have swatched every single one of them for you. Hope you find the post helpful!
Left to Right: Magic Wand, Echo Park, Dopey, Frick'n Frack, Tansy, Mess Around, Toolips, Marshmallow 

Left to Right: Lyin King, The Rabbit, Panda, London Fog, Cozy, Lost, Prim, Petite Four

They will be $6 a piece and available here on the 25th of February!

To hear my thoughts on the formula itself and see lip swatches watch the video below :D

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 XO Liz ♥


  1. Thank you for swatching and reviewing! So glad to hear they are just as pigmented as the ultra mattes without the drying factor!

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