Miss Liz Heart: New! Limited Edition Jo Malone Silk Blossom Cologne

Friday, August 1, 2014

New! Limited Edition Jo Malone Silk Blossom Cologne

Rarely do I feel compelled to write an entire blog post on a fragrance but this one, my friends, is worthy of it's own spread.

Silk Blosson by Jo Malone (100ml) - sold here or here

Oh, by the way... for those that have not been following my Instagram updates and were wondering where the heck I've been, my husband and I took a 2 week vacation to visit the beautiful country of Thailand (Bangkok). As some of you may know by now, my sister lives there with her boyfriend so we spent the majority of our trip exploring the streets of Bangkok with them. I took lots of photos and video so stay tuned for those upcoming posts :)

Moving on to this delicious perfume, I first spotted the enchanting scent in a shopping mall located in the heart of Bangkok (Siam Paragon). Needless to say, I was lured in by the pink tassel but after smelling it I realized it was exactly what I'd been searching for to complete my summer essentials.

Silk Blosson by Jo Malone (100ml) - sold here or here

Since I'm terrible at describing scents, here is the description taken straight from the Nordstrom Website:

"The irresistible summer scent of Silk Blossom by Jo Malone conjures images of blossoming nectarous flowers that attract singing hummingbirds and colorful butterflies. Its fragrance is apricot-fresh with a touch of spice, fruity and tempting and airy with clouds of power-soft heliotrope nestled on a bed of moss."

In other words, you'll be transported to a magical garden when you wear this stuff.

The perfume goes on floral and once it dries it sweetens up a bit but it's not a tooth ache type of sweet, it's a very subtle, you want to take another big whiff  type of sweet. I love how light and feminine the scent is and it truly is the perfect summer time fragrance. I find the scent lingers for quite a while, I only have to reapply it once throughout the day.

Silk Blosson by Jo Malone (100ml) - sold here or here
This is a limited edition scent so if you like floral and slightly sweet scents you MUST try this before it's gone! I plan on purchasing the 65ml bottle to keep in my purse. 

*The 100ml is a better value since it retails for $120 and the 65ml retails for $65 
You can find it here

I normally wear Chanel Eau Tendre In case you're curios :)

What's your signature scent? Do you change it up for the summer?

Until next time!
xo Liz ♥


  1. I am surely gonna love this new edition too. I feel that the best smelling cologne for men mesmerizes women and I wanna have that attention of my girlfriend again. This may can help me.