Miss Liz Heart: My Favorite Foundations For Dry Skin + Video

Thursday, May 22, 2014

My Favorite Foundations For Dry Skin + Video

Hi beauties! Today I felt like talking about foundation, and let me start by saying that All foundations are NOT created equally.

My main concern has always been dry skin…you know, the tight, annoying and occasionally flaky face. All of you with oily skin, stop rolling your eyes at me…I see you...Dry skin is no cake ride either (I'm pretty sure I just combined 2 different sayings there).

Most foundations, wether liquid or cream, tend to emphasize my fine lines and dry spots and for the longest time I thought I had to just deal with it.

Luminous Silk by Girogio Armani Sold Here
It has been 2 years since my first encounter with Girorgio Armani Luminous Silk. Life has never been the same….

Bobbi Brown Foundation Stick Sold Here
…and then, along came the Bobbi Brown Foundation Stick

I'll just leave it at that or I'll spoil the entire video :)

I would like to add that even after you find that perfect foundation for your skin type, it is still extremely important to exfoliate your skin and hydrate, hydrate, hydrate…before hand. 

Watch my video to see why I love these 2 foundations so much along with a demo on the best way of applying them :)

Products Mentioned In The Video: 
-Bobbi Brown Foundation Stick in the shade 4.25 'Natural Tan' - Sold Here
-Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation in #7 - Sold Here 
-Beauty Blender - Sold Here
-Sephora Pro Brush #75- Sold Here 

*A cheaper alternative to the Sephora Pro Brush for the stick foundation is the Flat Kabuki by Sigma - Can be found here

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What are some of your favorite foundations for dry skin?

xo Liz ♥


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