Miss Liz Heart: How To Earn Money While Shopping Your Favorite Cosmetic Brands! Chanel, Tom Ford, Girorgio Armani

Monday, May 12, 2014

How To Earn Money While Shopping Your Favorite Cosmetic Brands! Chanel, Tom Ford, Girorgio Armani

Hi loves! I received an email this morning informing me that Ebates is offering %15 cash back on a handful of stores and I had to run and check to see if Sephora was a part of it, and it is! Even better, so is Nordstrom!

What is Ebates?
For those that are not familiar with Ebates it is a website that you go to and it redirects your to your desired store and pays you a percentage of your final dollar spent at that store.

Ebates is currently offering 15% cash back when you shop at Sephora, so all you do is log into your Ebates account (create an account here), find 'Sephora' by typing it in the Ebates search bar, then click on it and it will re-derict you to the normal Sephora website that you are used to shopping at and shop as you normally would.

Ebates keeps track of your purchase and assigns it a "ticket number". After 30 days have gone by (or however long the return policy of the store is) Ebates will deposit the money you earned on that transaction.

How Do You Get Paid?
You can opt to get paid one of two ways, by having a check mailed (what I do) or direct deposit into your bank account.  Ebates cuts checks out every 60 days.

My Experience
You can see in the first photo I have earned a total of $240.58 in cash back by shopping online and going through my Ebates account first. I have been using it for a little under a year and to be honest, I would've collected a lot more money if I had remembered to use it more :( but lesson learned because I made sure to bookmark it :D. I get my next check this month and I will post a picture on my Instagram if you guys want me to!

I am very happy with my experience so far, there were only 2 instances that the 30 days went by and Ebates didn't deposit the money into my account but they quickly fixed it when I brought it to their attention (that's why they assign 'ticket numbers' to every transaction).

Right now Ebates is celebrating their 15 year anniversary so they are offering %15 cash back in all of the store you see in the pic above! I am the most excited over the ones with arrows because I shop there a lot anyways. I plan on picking up a few Tom Ford and Channel Cosmetics from Nordstrom since those brands rarely go on sale….actually….they NEVER do! So at least I can earn cash back, which is essentially like getting a 15% discount!

Here is the invite link if you wish to create an account! ----->> Create An Ebates Account 

Do you currently use Ebates? 

xo Liz ♥


  1. i use ebates i love it. i actually had an account since 2010 lol i didn't even know i made one that long ago, but i never used it. now every time i shop online i use it. i usually just do paypal, but now that I read its faster to get it with the check option, I'm thinking about changing it. it takes usually 3 months for me to get my cash back through paypal! i love shopping online, when I got to the mall i think to myself, ill buy it online, i can get cash back lol

  2. I use it as well but i think the big money maker is when you get referrals....otherwise its hard to get over $100 back....otherwise yes winning online shopping is the way to go!!!