Miss Liz Heart: White & Gold Table Setting

Saturday, March 15, 2014

White & Gold Table Setting

Hi beauties! Yesterday I took an impromptu trip to HomeGoods which resulted in some major treasure finds. 

I  have a store near my house so it's pretty easy for me to pop in and out on a daily basis since it's so conveniently located on a major street near my house. I took a tiny break from my daily visits since nothing was really standing out to me. 

Not really sure what persuaded me to take a peek yesterday, but I feel like I hit the HomeGoods lottery! So first, let me just explain how the dinning department works at my local HomgGoods;

Yes, they usually have really cute dishes, cups, etc. 
No, they are not sold in a set.
Yes, people buy the tea pots but leave the matching cups. 
No, HomeGoods does not restock the teapots so the next person can have the matching teapot and tea cups.
Yes, it's frustrating. 

Or my favorite scenario:

4 matching coffee cups, sweet!
1, 2, 3…matching dishes… where's the fourth?! Grrrrrrr..who is buying an uneven number?!??

Of course the OCD in me needs an even number of everything and lets face it, that even number needs to be 4 or higher. 

So, yesterday…you see where this is going, must've  been my lucky day because there was an entire shelf filled with matching cups, saucers, dishes in the most adorable pattern! Most importantly, there was an even number of everything. My guess is they had just came in that day and no one else had a chance to score first :D 

You may be wondering why I felt compelled to write an entire blog post on this (I'm sort of asking myself the same question now that I think about it). I guess I just wanted to share my excitement with all of you and let you know that there is still hope in finding that perfect formal dining ware that's not going to cost you an arm and 2 legs and that you will be able to find an even number of everything you need. Oh, and also to give ya a heads up in case this is something that has been on your wish list, check your nearest store ;)

Each dish was $4.99
Each coffee cup with matching saucer was $5.99
Sugar bowl and creamer were 4.99

I had my heart set on a gorgeous Kate Spade set, that looks very similar to this, since my wedding. It would've cost me 4x what this did so I'm very happy I waited.

Remember the cute teal and gold tea set I hauled recently? It adds a nice pop of color if I'm ever in the mood for it. 

Who says whimsical tea parties have to end when you grow up :)

Until next time! 
xo Liz ♥ 

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  1. Love the plates and cups! The gold is just perfection!

  2. This set really does have that Kate Spade feminine look. Such a great deal!

  3. Love the decor of the plates and cups!


  4. The set is adorable & matches perfectly with your decor.
    Maybe Its Megan Leigh xx

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  6. What is the brand of the dishes? I just love them! Do you use them every day?