Miss Liz Heart: The Perfect Eye Brushes for Blending

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

The Perfect Eye Brushes for Blending

Hi beauties!! I've been using Sigma brushes for a really long time, since they used the 'SS' in front of their numbers, do any of you remember those??

I was recently sent this 'Perfect Blend Kit'  by Sigma which contains 6 eye shadow brushes each designed to help you create that seamless eye look. I have to say,  after having a chance to play around with them, I think this kit is pretty darn close to being the perfect eye kit! 

The only brush that I can't seem to figure out how to use is the E48. I would've much rather seen the E30 Pencil brush in it's place. 

Much like the rest of Sigma's brushes, the quality is superb; soft bristles and long steady handles. My favorite one so far is the E37, it makes harsh lines disappear with little effort and I can't believe that I went this long without it. 

I also like the E71 for concealer and contouring my nose, it's always a bonus when you can find a versatile brush amongst a kit designed for one area of the face. 

Here is the description taken directly from the Sigma website:
Brushes Include:

E32 – Exact Blend: Blend intense color onto to the outer corners of the eye.
E37 – All Over Blend: Best for going over your entire lid to blend any harsh lines.
E38 – Diffused Crease: Blend strong color into crease for a diffused effect.
E39 – Buff and Blend: Best for blending of smaller areas for a precise finish.
E48 – Pointed Crease: Use tip of brush to pick up darker shades and apply using a rolling motion for crease control.
E71 – Highlight Diffuser: Best to highlight areas such as the brow bone with shorter side of brush or to soften edges.

The kit retails for $63, if purchase separately these brushes would retail for $86 so it's a great value IMHO.

For the month of March Sigma is offering 10% off your entire purchase by entering the code MAR2014 at checkout bringing the cost down to $56 and some change.

You can purchase this kit here

Do any of you own this kit? I'd love to hear your thoughts, especially if you can offer some input on the mysterious E48 brush :D

Until Next Time!
xo Liz ♥

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  1. Shu Uemura also makes really amazing eye brushes!