Miss Liz Heart: Milani Sparkling Mascara Top Coat Review

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Milani Sparkling Mascara Top Coat Review

I try to stay away form the cosmetic section when I go grocery shopping because it always gets me in trouble. As I was being a good girl and grabbing the the last items on my shopping list...from a mile away, I spotted these sparkly little tubes. Sparkling Mascara Top Coat by Milani. Honestly...I was really far away from the makeup section.

Ok...maybe I took a slight detour...why must I be so attracted to shinny things? I couldn't' resist, It's glitter for your eyelashes, but I did manage to restrict myself to just one. There were 3 shades available: Silver, Rose Gold and Gold. They retail for $4.99

I chose the gold because it was the mood I was in :)

I applied my regular mascara (I used Falsies Big Eyes Mascara by Maybelline) and after it dried I applied 2 coats of the Sparkling Top Coat to the tips. It adds a nice touch to a neutral face. I haven't tried it over falsies yet but I have a feeling it would look gorgeous! 

I wore it all day and didn't experience any fall out at all and my eyes didn't get irritated. 

With all the holiday parties coming up, I will definitely get a lot of use out this baby :)

How do you feel about glitter on your lashes?

xo Liz ♥  

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  1. I could totally see myself wearing this for the holidays :) adds such character to a simple look.

    xoxo, charlene

  2. Now that's exactly what I'm looking for! I will def check out all shades hehe :)