Miss Liz Heart: Small Patio Decor

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Small Patio Decor

Last summer the Mr. and I spent most of our evenings on our patio sharing stories over countless bottles of  wine and barbecuing. We made the best of  a patio set that had been gifted to us by his parents when we first moved into the house. It was one of those iron sets that come with 4 chairs, you can pick them up almost anywhere for a decent price. We were grateful for all furniture that was given to us, it allowed us to slowly furnish everything the way we really wanted while still having something meantime to enjoy the space. The set got us through the entire summer but it just wasn't what I envisioned permanently. I pictured something a little more modern and colorful.

Once it started to get cold, the idea of finishing out our backyard completely left my mind. It wasn't until a few months ago that I started thinking about it again and then I received a catalogue from Pier 1 Imports. On the cover there was a gorgeous patio beautifully furnished so, of course, I rushed to their website. It didn't take much for me to immediately fall in love with their  Ciudad Collection. I was drawn to the fact that you were able to build a set the way you wanted from the type of furniture to the colors of the cushions and pillows.

I was ready to create my Oasis.

I wanted something cozy - somewhere I could walk into barefoot on a lazy sunday and enjoy a cup of coffee.
I wanted something beautiful - somewhere I could enjoy with my husband and forget we are just in our patio. 

I wanted it to be modern yet quaint

After taking measurements I decided that our patio had just enough room for a love seat,  an armless chair, a corner chair, 1 ottoman, 2 c tables, and a Swingasan (The most awesomest chair ever!) 

After hosting our first BBQ we realized that we were a little short on seating so we went out and added a chair and a C-table. Again, that is why I love this collection, so easy to build upon.

Accessorizing was the last step left to tying the place together. We didn't need much since the pattern had so much going on already. 

1 Trash Can - Found this at Home Goods
2. Fire Fly Jar - Gift from mother-in-law
3. Standing Lantern with citronella candles - Pier1
4. Moroccan Teal Candle - Home Goods
5. Vintage Fan - Home Goods
6. LED Candles - Ross

*The green area rug is also from Pier1, it made a huge difference and gave it a cozy feel."

I decided on this pattern because the colors remind me of the gorgeous Caribbean water. They are so bright and colorful that it's kind of hard to be anything but happy out here.

Nala Agrees...

Shopping Tip
The end of summer is a great time to shop for all outdoor items. A lot of retailers begin to put all seasonal inventory on sale at the beginning of August. Of course, the longer you wait to lower the prices get but you also may run the risk of things selling out so don't wait too long ;)

xo Liz ♥

I would love see what you have done with your small patio space!
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  1. I'm so in love. I adore the color scheme! GORGEOUS!

  2. I LOVE the moroccan pillow! I have the same abella pillow but i have never seen the other one. Do you know its name?