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Monday, June 10, 2013

About Me

Hello beauties! I am beyond ecstatic to share with you a little about my world.

A little into my past: 

I recently graduated from college  (a year ago to be exact). Shortly thereafter I married my best friend (so cliche, I know! ...but it's true ;). We just had our 1 year anniversary on June 1st and it has been THE BEST year of my life.

Anyways we now live in this beautiful little house and we also have a furry child - her name is Nala. Oh she's a bundle of joy, when she's not destroying things like my sandals, tissue boxes, fresh flowers and barking at birds. 

Don't let this adorable face fool you!! 
love all things pretty 
I am constantly looking for new ways to re-arrange our furniture (at least the rooms that have furniture since we have only been in this house for a year). 

I'm fortunate enough to have such a wonderful hubby that has let me completely take over the decor of our home. He tells me that as long as I'm happy he's happy. How did I get so lucky?! And why am I questioning a good thing? 

Moving along....
love all things beauty related
Ever since I can remember I have been into fashion, hair & makeup. Why I decided to study Marketing instead of something Cosmetology/Fashion related is beyond me. Nonetheless I feel like it is time to unleash that passion and what better way than sharing with all of you!! 

 I am inspired by many things; books, places I travel, photos, food, etc. And I hope to inspire you guys through my posts. 

Happy Reading!

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